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Garden Day


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Celebrating “GARDEN DAY” on 20th Dec. is a great idea. It will help us (people) to think regarding environment around us and come closer to nature. It will create positive impact on society.

Studies shows that a family having plants or garden have better health, their children get more marks, they are healthier, there interfamily and social relations are better compared to neighbors having no garden.

So celebrate and promote this concept to make World healthy, wealthy and wise.


How you can we celebrate Garden Day:

 Some of the ideas:

  1. Visit Garden at your home, residence, office, school, college, factory etc.
  2. Care for garden and plants like watering, manuring, cleaning, decorating and observing the plants.
  3. Communicate to government Offices, Institutes, Factory, NGO & municipal corporation to observe 20 Dec as GARDEN DAY.
  4. Arrange garden competition in collaboration with some NGO or government body or Individually.
  5. Inform schools and colleges to view “20th Dec” as “GARDENING DAY” organize some lectures at schools or colleges to make students aware about garden.
  6. Arange GARDEN PARTY (Party at garden).
  7. Visit nearby or any park / garden with your friends and family. Enjoy the Nature. See the small plants, obsereve the new varities of plants.
  8. Take tips from Garden experts.
  9. Make an efforts so that maximum people must visit at least a public garden and observe the nature and plants.
  10. Ask local Garden clubs to celebrate garden day on 20th December.

Celebrate with many more ways as you think.

A little effort by you can make a great change.

Celebrating 20th Dec. as “GARDEN DAY” will defiantly improve

our environment, nature and country. Just celebrating on your own.

If some help is required or having suggestion, mail us at or fax at 91-712-2557929 or write at Khrishi Arogya and Vygan Sanstha Dhanwate  Ashram Sitabuldi Nagpur  Maharashtra India.

 Why 20th Dec

   Benefit of Garden

  1. Better health to the society.
  2. Only natural source of oxygen.
  3. Only source to absorb Carbon – dioxide.
  4. Mental development of children.
  5. Provide employement .
  6. Given peace & property.
  • We can add value to our happiness and enjoyment.
  • We can pay tribute / homage to garden for what it have given to us.