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Irrigation System


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Suman Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower With Steel Body Simple & Easy, Low Cost With High Performance.


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NEW: COCOPEAT AND SEEDLING TRAYS FOR ALMOST ALL CROPS ARE AVAILABLE. WE HAVE WIDE RANGE OF DECORA POTS IN DIFFRENT SIZE AND COLOR ARE AVAILABLE. VISIT DECORA POTS LEAFLET (CLICK TO VISIT PAGE). We deal in more type of fountain like ring fountain all type of jet nozzle. For your specific requirement please contact us.

Drip irrigation system : for garden and farm are available.


Material for drip

Drippers (general, pressure compensating, openable, avilable in 2 lph,4 lph, 8lph, 16 lph discharge).

Emitters (micro tube 1.2mm id, inline drip system).

Foggers (discharge, type, droplet size).

Micro sprinklers (discharge area cover).

Lateral (hope Hose) 4mm/12 mm / 16m /25mm/32mm.

Filters (Screen filter/ Sand /Disc).

  Control valves gate valve, ball valve, and solenoid valve.

Inline drippers.

Fertilizer equipments (ventury system, fertilizer tanks)

Pvc pipes & by pass system and other accessories (all accessories 

required for drip sprinklers pop ups, foggers etc).

Gardening Pipe

Flexible hose pipe is avilable in ½”, ¾”, 1” sizes made of PVC. These are use for watering the garden.

Sprinkler :- 

Made from best Quality Plastic, low presssure operation.

Nurturing seedlings with soft watering duringinitial developmental stages.

  For watering lawns.

  For cooling terrace.

  Also used in irrigation.

  Can get attached to ½”, ¾”, 1” pipes.

  Optimum water uilization.

  Cooles good and much more, saves labour Nozzle.


Types of Sprinkler

Hdpe pipe (2.5 kg / cm2 - 3.2 kg / cm2).- for Agriculture use

Pop up system - for landscape, garden and lawns

Rain guns : (For more details contact us with details of uses)

Use for Dust Supression in mines , cement companies, Electric genration plants, various intitues nad company where dust is problem.

Also use in agricultue for unifron watering.

Brands of rainguns avilable with us: Jain komet., Concorde Agro plast ,


Watering Equipments

 Watering wands


 Nozzle sprinklers 
  (attachment for garden pipe to spray water or   

 water with pressure in jet form.


 Water can Plastic – 5 lit and 10 lit cap.


 Water can Iron sheet 5-lit 8 lit 12 lit.


 Garden sprinklers.


 Micro sprinklers.


 Mini sprinklers.


 Round base sprinklers.


 2-arm sprinkler.


 4-arm sprinkler.


 Adjustable arm sprinklers.


 Wheel base sprinklers.


 Low pressure impact sprinkler ½”.


 Impact sprinkler ¾”.


 Rain guns (see irrigation section).


 Watering nozzels for hose pipes


 Pop-ups Sprinklers