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Organic Manures



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Organic manures are the best natural additive to soil. This manure helps the ecological system. Support the soil to retain its fertility, gets bi-dynamically activated. And above all it does not have any bad effects on human.

The organic food has very good market. Organic food is the future of the food industry.   For one to grow organic products must have good quality organic inputs like manures and growth promoters.

We offer some very fine quality products.

India is the country of organic manure. The agriculturist of the country carried out all its farming activity by organic controls, from last 5000 years. It has unlimited range of products to control diseases & grow the plants by organic method. It has theories on herbal control of disease not only in plants but in human beings.

Natural Fertilizers :-

Man-made agricultural practices such as the continuous cultivation of crops on the same soil have depleted the soil with essential soil nutrients that help to the sustenance of the crop. Although inorganic ( Chemical like Urea, DAP, ETC ) fertilizers are now being used on a very large scale to enhance soil fertility, the natural qualities of the native soil are no longer evident. Given this scenario, inputs of a purely organic nature are needed to augment soil fertility to sustain productivity.

The merits of Natural Fertilizers:

  • Rich source of natural plant nutrients
  •  Promotes microbial activity
  •  Help build good soil structure
  •  Improves water retention capacity of soil
  •  Adds valuable trace elements and augments plant growth.
  •  Biodynamically activates the soil.
  •  Results of organic marue remias in soil for more than two crop cycle.

Krishi Kranti Kendra proudly keeps natural and nature-friendly products, detailed as below.

1. Neem :

Neem is natural organic manure useful in green house, gardening, open field floriculture, horticulture and Agricultural for all crops . It is rich in natural NPK and micronutrients. It improves soil health and water holding capacity. Neem cake and Neem oil are regarded as eco-friendly products. Neem based products like Neem DE-oiled cake (DOC) ,Neem oiled cake (OC) , also called as Neem Dhape/Neem Pande in local language are avilable. Neem oil is also avilable.

2. Rhizobium (Culture) : 

Makes the surrounding soil rich in Nitrogen. Increases the fertility of the soil. Results in higher and better quality of crops produce.It is a microble bactarias and used forall di-cot seeds like Soyabean, Gram(Channa, Tur, udat etc) etc. Rates Rs 60.00 per kg. ( EX OUR STORE)


3. Azotobactor (Culture): 

Acts as biofertilizer in the surrounding soil and increase its fertility.& Enhances soil Nitrogen availability.It is a microble bactarias andused for all mono-cot seeds like Wheat (ghehu), Jawor(Jawari), Maize etc. Rates Rs 60.00 per kg. ( EX OUR STORE)

4. PSB (Culture):

 Acts as biofertilizer in the surrounding soil and increase its fertility.& Enhances soil Phosphate availability.It is a microble bactarias andused for all mono-cot and di-cot seeds. Rates Rs 60.00 per kg. ( EX OUR STORE)

5. Verimiculture (Khechuve Khad / Gandul khad) :

Application of Vermicompost increases crop yield, the readily available nutrients help the plants to grow better, makes the soil porous, increases water penetration and retention in the soil. Vermiculture enhance with Nitrogen , Phosphate etc also avilable . Avilable in all packs form 1 kg to truck load. (Many sites are there giving you indepth details of Vermiculture).

6. Farm Yard Manure : 

Makes the soil rich in micronutrients, enhances bioavailability of micronutrients, enhances seedling emergence and influences enzyme systems.Avilable in all packs form 1 kg to truck load.

7. Bone Meal:

Good for all fruit plants.

Rose Mix

Are you worried ? As to why your Garden is not flourishing despite your best efforts in maintaining it through every nook and corner? Please do not worry as we can show how gardening can be made easy especially Rose Gardening.

The Rose is the Queen of the flowers. Roses best prefer Rose Mix as the plants get readily available nutrients in natural form, it also maintains soil fertility. It’s a unique & ideal Food with in built power rich in Nitrogen, with Disease Resistance and Pest tolerance capacity.


The 10 salient features of Rose Mix are stated as below

  • Rose mix helps to keep the optimum balance of air, water & temperature in the soil.
  • Rose mix helps to improve the structure of soil
  • Rose Mix imparts Natural Luster to the plants & flowers. Making them more attractive & healthy. 
  • Rose Mixfights with some of the disease producing germs and harmful insects to some extent. 
  • Rose Mix has a longer life. 
  • Rose Mix does not get spoiled over storage if kept in cool dry place or well packed. 
  • Nutrients of Rose Mix do not get easily drained out but they check other soil 
  • nutrients to be drained out. No Harmful side effects on the plants, soil if used slightly more or less.
  • Amateur can use Rose Mix safely with no harmful effects.
  • Rose Mix by Krishi Kranti Kendra is a regd. Trademark product by an experienced Agri-graduate who loves Roses & knows about them.
  • Other “Rose-Mix” is merely imitations. Beware of imitation & inform us accordingly

if you come across duplicates. For best results and full bloom of roses use Rose-Mix manufactured by Krishi Kranti Kendra exclusively for Roses Only.